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    A Game Changer

    Valley leaders commit to grand vision of the Rio Salado

  • Rio Salado Project

    ASU pledges its full support

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    I-10 Cities

    A window on the future

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    10X - Ten Across

    Reviewing past decision-making, unstable present conditions and course corrections for the future

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    Rio Reimagined

    McCain re-energizes revitalizing of the Salt River

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    James Elmore Bridge

    Honoring the vision of former dean and 1964 ASU Studio Class

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    The Arts District

    Creative placemaker in the urban core

Who We Are

The fortunes of the university and the city are inextricably linked. The UCX was formed to ensure a continuous, nimble, and coordinated address to the pairing of institution and place. In this role, the UCX develops integrative project frameworks which unite the deep capacity of the university with critical urban issues at all scales. Projects range from urban plans reflecting multi-stakeholder objectives to constructed projects in campus or urban settings to expansive thought-leadership efforts related to long-term sustainability. “These projects are advanced as a form of university ‘extension’ aimed at driving creativity and solutions regarding building a better future” (President Michael Crow, ASU).

CITY - The city is a profound societal indicator. As a focused urban observatory, the UCX examines the built environment for opportunities leading to transformative university engagement and impact. The UCX merges city and institutional interests on actual sites and in built projects that promote a vital public realm, socio-economic benefit for all and long-term resiliency strategies.

UNIVERSITY - The university is an idea engine. The University City Exchange (UCX) tracks the academic and research assets of ASU and seeks to apply them in the city for the greater good. The UCX is dedicated to the advancement of the Phoenix metro region and of the American city through unique conceptualization and visualization of collaborative projects and through the construction of alternative narratives for a more sustainable future.