The success of the university and the city are inextricably linked.

An idea engine

The University City Exchange (UCX) brings ASU’s research and discovery to life in the development of innovative, real-world, place-based applications to support the economic, social, cultural, and overall health of the communities it serves. In this role, the UCX develops integrative project frameworks and initiatives which unite the deep capacity of ASU with critical urban and ecological issues at all scales.

The University City Exchange (UCX) is an entrepreneurial enterprise. One that applies best practices and “design thinking” to a wide array of complex challenges all in the service of the university and its charter. 

Tracking the academic and research assets of ASU, the UCX applies these invaluable resources within cities and across regions for the greater good. Dedicated to advancing the Phoenix metro region and American cities as a whole, UCX provides creative and unique conceptualization, visualization, engagement, and execution of collaborative projects, partnerships, and initiatives with the goal of realizing thoughtful solutions for more resilient and sustainable futures.

Featured projects and initiatives

Los Angeles skyline

The Future is Here: Ten Across Los Angeles Summit Highlights

Experts from across the U.S. gathered to discuss pressing issues impacting the U.S. I-10 region at the Ten Across Summit in Los Angeles, California December 5-7, 2023. 

Often seen as leading climate, energy, and social equity related policies for the nation, California and its megacity Los Angeles, provided an ideal setting for discussing major issues impacting the country including climate change, commerce, energy transition, water, heat, equity, housing, and infrastructure.  

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