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Policy and climate experts gathered in Phoenix in March 2019 to discuss how to plan and make decisions for an uncertain future, one in which climate change has made water supplies unstable and unable to match the pace of development and population growth. The 10X Water Summit came at the same time that Congress moves closer to authorizing the Drought Contingency Plan...

 - AZ Republic

Houston-Area Officials, Experts Push for Action on Flooding

As the City of Houston considers stricter regulations for new development in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, experts gathered Wednesday for the first of a two-day conference on flood mitigation and prevention organized by the Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters Center at Rice University to push for regional planning, increased funding and political action.

A crusade to defeat the legacy of highways rammed through poor neighborhoods

“We now know — overwhelmingly — that our urban freeways were almost always routed through low-income and minority neighborhoods, creating disconnections from opportunity that exist to this day,” Anthony Foxx (former secretary of transportation) said.

Ten Across Water Summit Planned in Baton Rouge

A Ten Across Water Summit is being held in Baton Rouge May 16-17 to explore water issues along the 2,400-mile Interstate 10 corridor from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. The inaugural invitation-only event is limited to 200 participants and being hosted by Arizona State University and The Water Institute of the Gulf in Baton Rouge, in partnership with The Baton Rouge Area Foundation and the cities of Baton Rouge and Phoenix.

Louisiana not alone in struggles with water management, Baton Rouge conference goers told

From Mexico City to Paris, cities face similar water woes as cities and towns in Louisiana. Experts shared stories about the experiences of some of those communities Thursday during the final day of the Ten Across Conference, also known as 10X.