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Ten Across—framing the U.S. I-10 corridor as the premier observatory for the future. The Interstate 10 corridor may provide the most compelling window on the future of the U.S., one which presents the challenges of the 21st century in the highest relief. This singular transect strings together the most pressing societal, economic, political, urban, and environmental issues of our time. As such, it offers a laboratory for understanding the present condition and the creation of new narratives for the future.

The southernmost portion of the U.S., from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, offers a compelling window on what lies ahead for the nation. On the front lines of social, economic, and climate change, the Ten Across region contains the three most populous states, many of the largest and most rapidly growing metro areas, the energy capital of the world, many of the largest American international ports, extremes in weather and water-related challenges, and great diversity and demographic change.

Here, more than any other cross section of the country, a new and critical portrait of the future can be seen.

Ten Across convenes diverse perspectives to better share information and to inspire proactive decision-making for resilience and sustainability. Together with our growing network, we engage this region as a living laboratory through which to understand and cultivate more effective responses to the known future.

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CGF 194: Resilient American Futures: An Academic Road Trip 
Dates: October 10 – December 12, 2022
Instructor: Ben Stanley, Ph.D. 
Location: iCourse/ASU Online I Units: 3 

Ten Across in partnership with the ASU College of Global Futures is offering a new course focusing on sustainability and resiliency through the lens of the Ten cross region.

In this course students explore the most pressing resilience and equity issues impacting the future through the lens of twelve U.S. cities sitting on the front lines of social, economic, and climate change. 

Added Bonus! As part of this course students will also gain insight into over 60+ ASU academic schools and subject areas addressing resiliency and sustainability related topics—including water, food, energy, commerce, equity, governance, and more—providing a comprehensive overview of related degree tracks and potential career paths available at ASU. 

10X Overview Video

Preventing Predictable Disasters | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Duke Reiter

Hear what experts say about Ten Across...

Henry Cisneros

" "[Ten Across] has real potential as a planning system, as an infrastructure development system, as provocateur of thoughts about how our country can work better.""—Henry Cisneros, former Mayor of San Antonio and Sec. of HUD.

Alice Hill

"I love Ten Across! You're doing really important, focused work on change and I love it."—Alice Hill, former special assistant to President Barack Obama and senior director for resilience policy on the National Security Council staff

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10X Water Summits: Outcomes

  • Impactful partnerships with 10X as a durable platform for the exchange of observations, ideas, and solutions.
  • Deep understanding of the interaction of natural and manmade systems, enabled by powerful computation and visualization tools.
  • Policy innovation across political boundaries, driven by the parallel demands placed on the Colorado and Mississippi Rivers.
  • Foresight and vision as demonstrated by projects and initiatives from the respective 10X cities and metro regions.
  • Compelling narratives which catalyze the required resources and the will to confront projects of unprecedented scale and urgency.

2019 10X Water Summit

The second annual 10X Water Summit addressed the realities of water, including increased demand, diminishing resources, more frequent inundation, and even questions of retreat pressed by such circumstances. In addition to case studies from across the 10X spectrum and the related science, special emphasis was placed on communication of complex and urgent issues to a public that is challenged to respond to an unprecedented flow of fact, fiction and uncertainty.

CLICK HERE to access all the videos of the 2019 10X Water Summit sessions.

2018 10X Water Summit

Balanced between the two extremes of drought and coastal degradation, the 2018 10X Water Summit explored the complexities of water—whether too much or too little and our capacity to respond to matters of such great magnitude. 

CLICK HERE to access all the videos of the 2018 10X Water Summit sessions.

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“What Louisiana knows so well is what communities around the world are learning — preparing for the last disaster isn’t enough.”

In Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards views the potential for transforming coastal habitats in his state as an unprecedented opportunity. The 10X Water Summit is just one more collaborative step in Louisiana’s continuing advancement in technologies, science and knowledge that not only benefit the future survival of our coastal communities, but have applications to other states, regions and communities around the world.



The crisis at Lake Mead is about more than just a lack of water; rather how well we plan to use the water. There are signs that precede the data, visible information that asks us to pause and reflect on the potential implications (AZ Republic). READ MORE

Connecting cities to drive change: ASU co-hosts first Ten Across Water Summit

Journalists who report on major environmental issues — climate change, excess water and drought — often struggle to find effective ways to connect their stories to the public. The challenge is to “make it seem immediate for people,” said Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic for the New York Times, who often writes about climate change..